18 ways to earn money online without paying anything

Look at these Top 18 ways to earn money online without paying anything from home that will give you the best employment to earn a lot of money in the online world

A question for you that what is need of you that you wanna make money online. Give the answer in the comment below.

Social Learning is an organization which helps people to learn about various topics like Wikipedia. As we already help a lot of peoples to earn money online according to our suggestions and ideas.

You can also make money online if you will be trying these 18 ways so let’s take a look at these.

Top 18 ways to earn money online.

Top way to earn & make money online

1. Be a website author

If you are a student or If you are studying in school or colleges then this small job is perfect for you. Because you have paid every month for only write articles.

This small job is very perfect for students. because In which they only need to write 5 to 10 article on a particular topic.

5 websites to earn money online by writing articles

By this, you can earn around 600$ in a month Which will be paid by the website’s owner.

2. Online Survey

You can earn money online with an online survey. An online survey is basically a Question & Answer form in which too many companies ask the question to people for the specification of their product.

You only need to answer the questions with your suggestions

you can do 5 – 6 in a day, then you can earn $10 – $15 in a day. And your monthly payment around to be $300 – $350.

So, try it at once.

3. Freelancing

Yes, you can earn money online from freelancing in which you can earn money with the help of selling your services in which you are perfect to do.

Have you a talent  And you don’t have the way to show it or don’t have a way to earn from it. So, don’t worry because now you have an opportunity to show it and earn from it with freelancing.

I recommend you to start freelancing on Fiverr as it is one of the best freelancing platforms.

4. Event Blogging

According to my search event blogging is a short time blogging and it is most profitable blogging.

If you do event blogging with planning then it will help you to earn money online in lakhs through the social media traffic.

Event blogging is related to festivals or big event as due to a high search of festivals keywords you can create wishing home page which will be viral fastly and help you to earn more money.

5. Online Data entry jobs

You can also make money through online data entry jobs as there are too many platforms on which online data entry jobs are possible to do.

The best platform to do online data entry jobs is Fiverr because Fiverr is a freelancing platform but you can also able to do data entry jobs from Fiverr.

Know more about online data entry jobs

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a collaboration with online companies in which you will need to help them to the sale of their product or services.

Amazon is an e-commerce website where people can buy products. But If you want to do affiliate marketing with Amazon then you will have to help Amazon to sell their product. Others their is too many most profitable affiliate programs already existed on the internet.

Go and signup for Amazon associate and they providing you referral link of their product. You only need to share that link. And If anyone buys a product with the help of your link which you share on social media then amazon give the commission.

7. Create your own website

Website is the best way to earn money online as there are too many ways to earn money with your only website.

As soon as your website will be grown up and generate traffic then you will have audiences from. which you can generate so much money.

You need to monetize your website so that you will have the way to generate income. If you don’t they know more how you can monetize your website.

8. Sell your digital products

You can sell your digital products online and earn a lot of money from this way.

A digital product is that type of product which you will need to develop them yourself at once. But you can sell it for unlimited times. It means you need to do hard work on it at once. But you can earn money at unlimited times.

If you are a writer or have knowledge in any field then you can make a course as an ebook on that topic in which you have a lot of knowledge. And you can sell your ebooks at unlimited times with the help of your website too.

9. Earn money by photos

Photography is the easiest way to earn money online as you can sell your own clicks photos whether it is a scenery or a model images.

If you will have a DSLR or an HD camera then you can click professional photos and can also sell them.

There are too many images selling websites or platform where you can sell your images online and earn money.

10. Start your own business

As you all know that business is the best way to become an entrepreneur so that you can earn a lot of profit from it.

But today’s time is digital that’s why everyone can able to start the small business with an online platform that is too easy as you don’t need to build a building or an office because your all data will be stored on servers.

So if you want to start your own business online but you have any idea to start it then check out latest online business ideas to make money online.

11. Earn money with Apps

There is too many application which able you to earn money with them where developer earns profit too even you also earn a commission.

Earn money from apps is too easy in today’s time as all the planning and stuff already settle by developers of the application and we need to work according to the app that’s why it is easy to earn money with online apps.

If you wanna know how to earn with the application then read more

12. Create a Youtube Channel

Youtube is the best way to earn a lot of money too but you will also able to earn fame from youtube.

In the last 2 years, youtube is the most trending platform where people were creating too many channels and they earn money too from it.

You only need to regular upload quality and demanding videos on a particular niche every day or twice in half a week. Whenever your subscriber will be an increase then you can monetize your channel with ads and can start earning money from it.

Also, read – How to grow your youtube channel for beginners?

So, try this platform (Youtube) at once.

13. Facebook page

Facebook is the best platform to earn money with Social Media as you know that Facebook has also most traffic of peoples who are finding something new every second.

Not too much stuff as you only create a facebook page which is free to develop and you will need to upload a regular post on it as soon as you page likes will be reached at 100000 then you can monetize your page with Facebook ads which will give you the best employment and experience.

14. Earn money from Admob

Admob is the product of Google from which you can monetize your own Android or IOS applications with ads which you can also upload your app on Google play store which gives you more audience to download your app.

If you thinking about making your own application or IOS application then you can monetize your application with Google Admod.

If you don’t know how to use Google AdMob or how to monetize the Android software with AdMob then know more

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15. Sell Domains

Sell domains to earn money. If you are can invest your money for domains then you can also sell them with 10X Rate.

You need to Buy domains from any organization and sell those domains which you already bought

Or you can also sell the domains with the double rate in which you need to buy the domain and increase the Domain authority and sell it with a high rate because of its DA and PA.

If you have the money to invest then try it and earn the profit.

16. Web developer

Now, it is also included in our count list as web development is also a good effort to make money online.

You just need to buy hosting and domain then install WordPress or other CMS tool to operate it and then you can able to sell it in a minimum rate of $100/website.

From last 2 years, there is a trend of blogging as after it most of the peoples want a website and you can become a web developer for the most demanded of that thing. So start your journey in web development.

If you don’t know about web development then know more.

17. Earn money with google

Google is the most branded company in this world and you can earn money with it without any doubt. As being a search engine Google is also a business platform for its user.

There are too many ways to earn money with google In which you can earn money with AdSense, You sell apps and books on Google Play store and you can also earn money with google opinion reward.

Read more about how to earn a lot of money with Google.

18. Sell Advertising space

If you have a website then you can sell a column of your website on rent for advertising of any organization.

You just need to contact to other entrepreneur and ask them to sell your website’s space for their advertisement on rent and as soon as the validity of your rent will be completed then you can sell it again to another organization.

Try it at once if you have a website which has too much traffic on it.

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