Top 10 real estate websites in India for property search

If you are roaming to find the best property sites in India then don’t worry as I will be going to give you Top 10 real estate websites in India.

Too many people search for the best property sites in India. And they literally find those sites but they do not find a better experience in those sites.

So, Don’t worry as I will be going to give you top property portals in India. You guys are limited who search for this every person have unlimited want so that I decided to write an article on this topic. And being a blogger it’s my duty to help you.

Top 10 real estate websites & portals in India.

1. Proptiger

It is the first Website in our top 10 list of best property sites in India.

Proptiger is a 2015 website which provides you too many future project and current livings at different 12+ Indian cities locations such as Mumbai, Banglore, Gurgaon, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Noida, Pune, etc.

The happy customers are 18000+ and 10000+ worth homes have been sold and active listings are 200000+. So, this site also proves as trusted.

In this website, you can able to prebooking for future projects at price low as low. Not even this you and also get the direct contact number of the registrar.

If you don’t about the address of the flat or apartment then you can see the location of your living by live maps on the site.

Even this website able to get you Home loans at great interest. From which middle-class family can also able to get an apartment/flat or homes easily by its loans.

So, try this website otherwise choose another below.

2. Property wala

This website is also selling properties since 2007. Too many Property dealers have been connected to this website who sell around thousands of their properties.

Actually, the site is not only selling properties you can also able to find buyers for your own property from the help of property wala. In other words, the consumer can buy the property but He/She can also sell its own property.

You can also post an advertisement for free on this website In which you can request your requirement, as soon as anyone will see your advertisement then he/she contact you and help you with your needs.

Property wala is the best property site in India because of it contains every future project and current living around all location in India such as Delhi&NCR, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Goa, Andaman & Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Gujrat, Assam, Chhattisgarh And more…

So, this website proves as a professional and trusted a website because the journey of the website is too long since 2007.

So, go for this website and find your best or else choose another website below.

3. Quikr Homes

Quikrhomes is an estate website offered by Quikr is a private limited company since 2008. It is totally trusted company.

Quikr is providing you homes, apartment/flat at too many locations like Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Noida, Gurgaon, Banglore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc.

actually, Quikr is maybe an e-commerce company because it also provides you mobile, cars/Bikes, jobs, life insurance, and much more.

Even not only this, like ‘Proptiger’, It also offers homes loans with great interest.

So, there are too many options can be found on

Don’t waste your time and go for it. or else read more below.

4. Common Floor

This website is also for property search and it’s born in 2007. Its journey is also so much long like Quikr and Propertywala.

Commonfloor is also a Good website to find your favorite home, Flat/Apartment much more.

Even If you have a problem to drive in the browser then you can also install its Application which you can download from Google Play Store by searching ‘Commonfloor’.

You can Buy the property from there but along you also able to get properties on rent also accepted in the above websites.

There are too many locations have already given from which you can able to buy properties like Delhi&NCR, Banglore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and much more.

They Help you to get the home loans through HDFC Bank from which you buy your Apartment/flat.

If you wanna buy any flat or apartment then you just need to fill your detail to dealers as you will just give them your name, email and mobile number from which they can contact you and final the deals.

So, Don’t waste your time go for it otherwise choose another below.

5. 99acres

This website is also a part in our count list of top 10 real estate websites in India.

So, 99acres is the perfect website from which you can buy properties and 99acres is offered by Which born in 2017, Its journey is not so long but the website perfectly develop.

You can also able to resale your old flat from this website even you can also prebook RERA projects at very cheap prices.

If you will try this website then you will be noticing that there around most of the flat or Apartment are on sale on very cheap price even ‘ready to move’ Apartment or flat though.

Like the above website 99acres also help you to get home loans in great interest.

On the time you will be driving on 99acres then you will have to notice that the website given you each and every information like facilities of apartment, facilities of landmark that is, are shops, schools or colleges, hospitals available or not near the apartment?

You are also able to get flat or any property on rent on cheap monthly prices. If you need to the cheap apartment then this website provides to cheapest properties near Greater Noida.

So, Go for this or else choose another one from five below.

6. India Property

So, India property is also the best property site in India and you can easily recognize it by its name in which India is added.

Actually, I don’t know till now that What’s its journey from which year it is born. But don’t lose your hope because the already view and verify its reviews by the public. It’s good from public review.

This website Also provides its official application which you can find and install on google play store.

And India property provides you around most of states city wise properties from which you can easily buy or sell or get on rent properties nearby you

So, go for it else choose another.

7. Makaan

The website provides most of 10,000+ Highly rated sellers in India which provide you best experience and quality.

The plus point is that makaan is not only helping you to buy or sell properties in India only. It also provides you properties in another country nearby India.

So, Makaan is also a real website in our best properties sites in India.

By the way, makaan is also giving you a facility from which you can also sell or rent your own properties from which you can able to earn a lot of money in the membership of makaan website. So, it gives you an opportunity to earn money with them.

it gives you 1 million+ listings and 20+ cities in which they provide the best properties.

So, visit the makaan site and buy or sell and also earn money by its rent facility. or else choose another below.

8. Magic Breaks

This another is also counted in our top 10 real estate websites in India or best property portals in India.

Magic Bricks is the website which provides as good as all the features which a user need.

Well! By my experience, the website is much responsive compared to others which gives you a better much experience to drive easily.

There you can either find a forum in which you can talk to other people to find your dream home and flat/apartment in a limited time period.

And yes, magic bricks provides you as well most of the states city wise properties. And can buy or sell your properties as near you want.

As well as this site either provides you properties in which you can use commercial purpose. In other words, this website provides you some commercial properties on rent in which you can able to open your own office or shop, etc.

And there is magic bricks’ application on the google play store. You can download it and get a better experience from your mobile directly.

So, Also check out magic bricks or else choose another two below.

9. OLX Homes

As you know that OLX is an open sources website from which you can able to buy and sell your old products or anything you want to sell at a cheap price.

So, OLX is one of the sites from which you can sell your old thing in cheap and also buy old in cheap like a pro.

OLX provides to crores of online second-hand product sellers as well as OLX also provides properties which are sell by normal sellers in cheap price second-hand properties.

If you are a person who is from the middle class or low-class family and wanna buy second-hand properties in cheap. Then OLX homes are made for you.

Don waste your time as OLX gives you the best opportunity to get properties according to your budget.

So, Also check out OLX homes otherwise take a look on another one below.


Sulekha is the last property website in our list of top 10 property portals in India.

Well! literally, I give you to review by my experience when I was using it then it lags too much in mobile view and it hangs your mobile so that I recommend you to drive on sulekha using the desktop site.

Now, it’s time to tell you about its features. So, sulekha is also similar to some of the above websites from which you can sell or buy properties.

As I told you before, some websites have their applications so that you will operate the platform easily. Sulekha also provides you its own application on Google Play Store.

And sulekha also provides you properties in all around India and probably out of India too.

So go for sulekha and also check out it.


Now, it’s time to conclude these top 10 real estate websites in India.

I am already have given you all 10 property portals in India from which you can buy or sell properties.

There are too many sites remain about properties that I do not include in it. Because as you can read the title in which I give you best & trusted properties websites.

By my experience I suggest you to always try 99acres website as I use it and it gives me better much experience to drive safely and its contact pattern is very good and private.

So, Go and try these 10 websites. If you try these websites then it will be safe to roam around on them.

And if you roam on another website which reviews is very bad then probably you will be in deficit.

So, try these top property portals above.

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