Top 10 Latest earn money apps for android 2019

Do you want money making apps for android phones? Don’t worry because you will get the top 10 free earn money apps for Android.

Perhaps, as you all know that there are two different terms from where you can earn money online that one is short term and second is long term.

In the short term, we can earn money online in a short time period. In other words, we can start earning money on the same day on which day we started the journey. And we do not need to do so much work as we only get easy work every day. But remember that the amount of money will not be so much in short term earning.

But in a long time period, we can start to earn money but after a long time in this journey. Before it, we need to do hard work. But the amount of money will be too much as if probably you will become rich in your life. 

Hope you understood both statements about the long term and short term.

And I gave you 10 real money-earning apps for Android in which some are short term type apps from which you can earn $10 to $20 per month and some are long term type apps from which you can earn $300 – $500 per month.

So, don’t wasting your time Let’s take a look at below.

Top 10 Latest money making apps for android.

earn money apps for android or money making apps

1. Meesho

So, Meesho is the first app in our count list top 20 latest make money apps for Android.

As I told you about two terms which are a short term and a long term so the mesh is an Android application which is long term type.

In this app, you need to sell second-hand products at your own price. As if the company will give you second-hand products and you need to sell them at your own price and it is a free app.

This app is not fake because it also exists on Google play store as you all know that the google play store does not consist of applications which contain the virus and malicious thing. The app has 4.6 and 10+ million downloads. So, Try and check out the mesh at once.

Download from Google Play Store.

2. Google Opinion reward

As you can able to read the name and also recognized as this application is a Google product which is also counted in our list.

Google Opinion Reward as if a survey application in which google give us some MCQ’s questions and we will need to give the suggestion type answers.

And in return for these questions, we will get money. Google will also a profit in it. As Google runs the survey of different product and services of different companies.

But remember that it is a short term type application in which you can’t earn a lot of money.

Download from Google Play Store


Perhaps, you heard this app from somewhere. but how does it matter? I will tell you about it.

So logo probably an Indian application in which you can earn money by playing games. By the way, the loco is 2017 application but by my experience, it is a trusted application till now. And it is a short term application for making money from apps for Android.

When it was launched then it is a question & answer application in which a group of online users needs to be connected with it and application was decided a particular time to ask the question until the user is connected.

As the application ask questions in which some users were be eliminated and some were being won. And when was the 10 questions will be completed then the money distributed in remaining users. So that was the game.

But I don’t know, perhaps this game also remains till now. But you can get simple games to play and earn money then you can do anything like roaming here and there apart from you can do desert safari deals which you very enjoy fully. So try LOCO at once as it will give the real money without doing so much work.

Download from Google Play Store

4. Helo

This application a great short term application in which you can earn money easily and also withdraw easily on the same day.

As the application also exists on the Google Play Store in which it has 4.5 ratings by Google users and 50+ download.

This application has daily updates of status, video, and trends. It is also a referral application in which you need to share this application by your referral link.

And whenever anyone will click on your link and download it then you will get ₹5 per user. Also, you can withdraw the minimum amount of ₹5, that’s great. And you can of ₹50 to ₹100 in a day. So check out it at once.

Download from Google Play Store

5. Olymp Trade

So, this is also a short term app. But it will give you a lot of money at the rate of dollars. This app has been running from 2015

But remember that it is a trading application then you always need to invest something to gain something.

And the main point is that of the application that you can invest a minimum amount of $10 and hopefully, you will have luck then you can earn $1000 until you will stop investing repeatedly.

And this application is also available on Google Play Store. So, go and download it and invest to gain something by trading.

Download from Google Play Store

6. StepSetGo

Do you love walking and running? Then this application can prove awesome for you.

This is a short term application from where you can earn money online with doing anything.formause you can earn money due to walking around anywhere.

Walking is a part of our life and we do it in our daily life. So, walk and earn something because ‘StepSetGo’ gives you an opportunity to earn money in an easy way.

Now, how’s it works? Don’t worry read continuously as I will tell you that first, you need to install it by Google Play Store from the link below. Then setup it and as soon as you will start walking then it set up so start to count your steps according to your mobile movements.

Whenever it will count your 1000 steps then it will give your one SSG coin from which you can able to shop something from the own store of the app and you earn frequently by walking then you can more SSG coin. So, also check out this app.

Download from Google Play Store

7. SquadRun

Now, the turn to a review of SquadRun as it is a short term application from which you can earn a little amount of money in your form time.

This application contains missions related to brands in which you need to complete them one by one. As soon as you will start completing their mission then you will get paid.

But remember, your earning will be only calculated according to your mission you passed.

After opening and registering on the application then you will get a hundred plus missions inside the app and you will need to complete them in return you will get paid. So, also check out this application at once.

Download from Google Play Store

8. CricPlay

So, CricPlay is the eighth application in our count list to earn money apps for android.

This application provides you free fantasy games from where you can earn money by playing games.

In this application, you just need to do some stuff such as they will ask you question about the current games for example – Which team will be win today’s match.

So, you can competitions with other players in this application. After it beat them and earn a lot of money.

As this app is short term application in order to this application will not give you money lifetime. If you wanna timepass then you can play these free ftime papassagesnttimeree time.

Download from Google Play Store

9. Google Pay

As you can read the name of this app and perhaps some people knew this app. This application is a Google product in which you can pay the online bill, recharges.

Now, you will start thinking that ‘how can we earn with this application?’ Don’t take tension as I am gonna explain to you.

You become a mobile recharge retailer in which you need to recharge of other people and they will pay you and in return, Google will give you cash back.

So, it is the way to earn cashback google pay as after recharge the money get back to you by customers and you will also get cash back from the application.

So, cashback money with google play and it will be good for you if you are a shop keeper or else you need to roaming and ask people for recharges. So, try it at once or else look at another below.

Download from Google Play Store

10. Slidejoy

This app is easy to use as it will get you paid when you unlock your phone. In other words, you will always first unlocked your device before operating it. So this application gives you money when you unlock your screen.

It is because of its advertisement, they will show an advertisement on your lock screen and whenever you will unlock your screen then they will pay you as they will give you money of impression of advertisements.

So, also go for this application and this also exists on Google Play Store.

Download from Google Play Store


Now, its time to conclude this article, as if I gave top 10 earn money apps for android from where you can able to earn money in which some applications are short terms and some are long term.

So enjoy these applications as I gave you these apps by research hardly and these all are trusted application which has a great rating by users that’s why I gave you.

And don’t worry about this article as if it is old because we always update our all article regularly on this website. As soon as we will add more apps in this article when we will have any experience of another top application. So, be connected with us.

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