What is Solar Panel ? How Solar Panel works ?

Hello! Readers, So today’s topic is So Interesting is about Solar Panel. In this article, I will be going to discuss Solar Panel in brief. So, let’s take look.

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Do you know the government also gave 50% advice to the public about the installation of Solar Panel?

But, now I know you are thinking that what is a solar panel? and how it works and what is the benefits and disadvantages of it. So, now firstly I will be going to tell you that what is a solar panel?

What is Solar Panel?

Now its time to explain it. Actually, the solar panel is a plate type object that can generate electricity or current with the help of sunlight.

In other words, the solar cell is anything that generates current with the help of solar energy.

Its electricity is free of cost Because there is no price of sunlight. But remember the solar panel price exists in the market.

every solar panel product of 100 watts or more has a guarantee of 25 years and it is easy to install photovoltaic cells to your homes. But the home installation cost of panels will be in lacs.

And it’s good to install the solar panel. Because it has to pollution and no danger even I also advise you to install panels to your homes.

Because the cost is only for one time and no need to pay a bill every month for electricity.

How Solar Panel works?

Silicon is semiconductor which is made by soil. In the process of finding silicon in the soil.

firstly they need to warm the soil at a very high temperature than the little bit of silicon produce.

After that, the silicon made into the cylindrical shape and there are too many discs that are made by cutting the cylinder like vegetables.

Solar Panels are made by those discs which are cutting by cylindrical shape of the silicon.

There are two types in Solar collector which are N-type and P-type. P-type is positive and N-type is Negative.

There are some particles in the sunlight which are ‘PHOTONS‘. When the sunlight reaches the solar panel and On the time of solar panel generates electricity then the photons react silicon and the electrons flow positive to negative and the electricity generates by this process.

So, this is the process of electricity which is generated by photovoltaic cell. We gain a think that solar panels made by soil which is not expensive how interesting is that.

Advantages of Solar panel

  • If we install the solar collector at home, then we have freedom of electricity bill.
  • It is a renewable energy source, every day it produces fresh energy.
  • There is no tension to get off electricity like electricity services.
  • It is pollution free and not release greenhouse gases.
  • we can say that the solar cells are too safe because they can’t give an electric shock by touching them because silicon is a semiconductor which is used in solar panels.

Disadvantages Of Solar Panel

  • The photovoltaic cell is not working at night. So, we need to set up solar energy storage batteries separately which is very expensive.
  • The material which is used in the solar cell can be the cause of pollution.
  • The setup material of solar panels is too expensive.
  • Its electric depends on weather There is no guarantee of weather.
  • It takes too much space for installation at home


So, today I discussed solar panel and I give you all the information in brief.

You know in today’s time period our technology is upgrading time to time. So, we should also live according to our technology.

Do you know In the latest time period there is so much pollution exist on our earth?

So, I recommend you to install solar panels at your homes. Because you have the advantage in it. You can reduce the bill or stay free from the electric bill.

The problem is only for solar batteries. If you spend money at once then can stay comfortable for a lifetime.

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