How to monetize a website or blog and earn money?

Wanna know how to monetize a website or blog and earn money from it. If you want to know this then you are in the right place. Let’s take a look.

Have you ever seen a website and have you ever thought that for whom the website do hard work without benefits of them?

If you think the statement like above then this is not true. Because every website’s owner has to earn something from their hard work on their website or blog. And every website has different policies In which they have different ways to earn money from their website.

If you also have a website or blog then have you ever thought about how you can get something from your website or blog in return your services for which you did hard work on your website.

So, In this article, I will be going to give you some direction from which you can monetize your website or blog and earn money from it.

Let’s take look at the statement below that is ‘what is monetize’.

what is monetization of a website?

Basically, monetization a website is about to start making some money from it. As you have a website or blog and you provide a service on your website for your visitors without any cost. Then it’s not fair to provide services absolutely free. Then what you have remained or what’s your benefit in it.

So, you just need to monetize your website to let out some money from it.

There are too many ways with which you can monetize your website and earn money online from it.

But before you should decide your perfect way according to your services. In other words, if your website provides articles to read about career-related articles free. Then you can sell your ebooks courses about to guide people for their future. So, it’s also a monetization and your website will earn more because of your website monetize type will relate to your content so that your visitor interest on it to buy your services.

So, it’s all about what is monetization of a website.

Now take a look at the statement below ‘how to monetize a website’.

Top 5 ways to monetize a website.

Advertising Network

There are too many platform or companies who provide advertising networks for websites. In which you can monetize your website or blog.

In this monetization, you can able to show advertisements on your website like you always in youtube videos.

But there is a difference between youtube ads and website ads. you can only insert text ads or images ads. Sometimes you will get to show the video ads on your website, But rarely.

Now, the question arises that how advertising network works and how you can make money from it. don’t lose your hope it’s easy and can earn money easily. But how?

Whenever you start to show ads on your website then you will be free no more work. Because all the work will be of visitors. As soon as any visitor click any advertisement and navigate the other page. then you will get money from the advertiser for each of clicks by visitors.

There too many popular advertising companies like, propeller ads, info links, AdSense by Google, etc.

But I recommended you to always use Google AdSense. Because it’s a trusted platform. And it will give you real-time of tracking excepted others.

So, why are you wasting your time? Go for it and submit your website for review on Google AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is all about to collaborate with e-commerce companies.

Now, What will we do for them or for what type of work we need to collaborate with them.

You must know that every e-commerce is about to sell there goods & services. If you know this then it’s simple to understand.

Actually, we just need to collaborate with them for promoting their goods & services and for which they give you a commission.

If you have a website then you can do affiliate marketing easily according to your affiliate program.

There is too many affiliate program. But the trending affiliate program is an Amazon affiliate program. Amazon Provides you different ad banner or affiliate link of its different product. Which you need to promote on your website and Amazon give you commission for each of its sales.

So, go for it and monetize your website with an Amazon affiliate program.

Sell Digital Products

You can also monetize your website by selling your own digital products. 

Now, you will start thinking about digital products that what is this and how you can sell them? 

Don’t worry Firstly, I explain to you about the digital products?

Basically, digital products are those products on which you just need to do hard work at once to make them after that you can sell them unlimited time. 

I know you will think what is this? How can we sell them unlimited time although we just need to do hard work at once? How it can possible?

Don’t think so much it’s easy as there are too many digital products like an android application on which you need to develop it at once and can sell unlimited time.

Or you can also make ebook courses and sell them unlimited times.

Hope you understand my statements about digital products.

So, don’t waste your times if you wanna earn more money then develop your digital products and sell them.

Sponsor Articles

You can earn more money with the help of your website. You can write sponsor articles for other entrepreneurs.

Assume that a new company will be coming in the market then it will need to promote itself to be a brand. So, you can run a scheme on your website about sponsor articles in which new companies contact you and deal with you to promote their companies on the website as a single article.

So, you will just need to write an article for the company about its good & services, policies, benefits, etc. In return, they give you Mouth demanded price.

So, you can also monetize your website as a sponsor platform. In which you can earn money by promoting other entrepreneurs business.

But, If you have high traffic on your website then you will start this way as no one give you sponsorship.

So, if you have high traffic on your website then don’t waste your time and go for it. 

You just need to email to which you want to get sponsorship. And probably, they will allow you for sponsorship and you will start earning money.

Sell Advertise Space

If your website has much more traffic then you can sell your website short column for a limited time. It means you can sell your website column as rent for the advertisement of your column’s buyer.

Assume if a website which will be newly entered in the market then it will need to do so much hard to grow itself.

But sometimes some websites don’t need to do hard work if they have money for investment as they can run advertisement of their website’s about services and can grow it.

So, you can sell your website’s column for a limited time for ads in which buyer can grow their own website by place its website’s advertisement on your website. And they can grow their website by this process.

So, It’s easy and can earn a lot of money from this type of monetization.

If you have enough traffic on your website you can also use this type monetization on your website. So, go for it.


So, Today I shows you some way from which how can monetize your website or blog and can earn money.

And I already have given you top 5 way to monetize your website or blog.

But I recommend you to monetize your website by Google AdSense as it also generates revenue if anyone clicks on the ad even if he does not do the activity there.

If you are beginner then Google AdSense will be the best option for you or if you are perfect in blogging or your high traffic on your website or blog then you can also do affiliate market which is the best option for masters of blogging.

So, Hope you like this article and if you like this then press the bell icon which appears at the center. So, subscribe to us by the bell icon for our latest updates.

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