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How to make money online without paying anything?

Today’s generation is too latest as around every home has an individual who is earning money online. So in this article, I will discuss how to make money online without paying anything through online jobs and own business. 

You are in the right place. Because we will discuss some online business or jobs.

Right now I am a blogger and also a digital marketer. It means I also earn money online.

But don’t lose your hope because being a blogger it’s my duty to help my visitors. And also tell them for my secrets. So, let’s begin.

I will discuss some ways to earn money online. But before it, I should tell you about how to earn money online without paying anything.

Because too many people don’t know about what is an online business. And how can people earn from it? So, I need to tell you this at once.

How to earn money online without paying anything.

Most of the people have only knowledge about outdoor jobs or jobs in companies, industries, factories, etc.

But only some people have knowledge about making money online with investment. And also they earn a lot of money from a long time period.

Basically, online earning is a term to earn money from the internet. Do you know about In the journey of internet marketing you are your own boss in your online career?

You can earn money online without paying anything individually. And it is not required any mark sheets and degree of school or colleges. You have knowledge about to start online marketing.

If you are first in the online market you can’t think about the power of online marketing. Because online marketing is the best way to earn money online more than one lakh per month.

And the big thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere. You can start it from your home individually. And you need to do work for 4 – 5 hours per day at home. And the money will send in your bank account.

I have also earn money online without paying anything for a long time. And I have not faced any problem so far.

You are also operating your computers and money phone with internet in your daily life.

But only a little bit people are using the internet for the right work. Otherwise, a lot of people are using the internet for their fun.

I recommend you that also try these jobs or Employments below to earn money every hour. So let’s take a look at these online Employments.

The best way to earn money online without paying anything.

So, these some best employment to earn money online at home without paying anything. 

If you want to earn money only. So, I recommend you try one of these top employment at once. So, let’s take a look.

#1. Be a Website’s Author.

If you are a student or If you are studying in school or colleges then this small job is perfect for you. Because you have paid every month for only write articles.

This small job is very perfect for students. because In which they only need to write 5 to 10 article on a particular topic with each article.

Think about that because you have paid $2 to 3$ for each article. If you write 5 to 10 in one day then you have paid $10 to $20 every day

And every month you can earn a lot of money around to $300 to $600. So, think about that.

Many website’s owners who are individually working on many websites. But they have no time to write an article every day with research on a topic. 

So, the website’s owner also needs authors for their websites who can update the website time to time with articles.

But you only need to write original articles with the help of your mind. If you copy the articles from other website and paste on there then they will discharge you from the job.

So, Be aware of this thing and you do your work honestly. Don’t lose your hope, Because of 30% of websites need authors on the internet.

So, If you interested in this job and are thinking that where you can find these websites to be an author on it. So, it’s simple you can go to Quora.

you find those owners by asking a question like this, “I need an author job on a website who pay me every month, I can try my best, so who is interested”.

And by this action around 2 to 3 days, you have too many requests from many websites. And you can choose them and work with their websites. So, they give you an opportunity for this job. Then go for it. 

#2. Online Survey

If you don’t know about the online survey. So, an online survey is basically a Question & Answer form in which too many companies ask the question to people for the specification of their product. And 

Example – If any companies who sell mobile phone brand. So, their’s have a condition of online survey In which they ask a question to their users or customers for the specification of their mobile phone

In which they will ask some question in a form like this “How much ram you require in our mobiles? how much MAH battery you require on our mobile phone? which process you most like? etc.

The companies do these surveys because they want to improve their product by public votings.

Now you thinking that how can I earn by these surveys. So, Don’t worry When any company gives you a survey. It means they ask some question to you for improving their product. even they pay you after you give their answers.

It depends on time. Because In an online survey that pays you but according to the survey’s time that how long will the survey be?

The average money you can earn from 15 minutes survey is $2- $3.

And you can do 5 – 6 in a day, then you can earn $10 – $15 in a day. And your monthly payment around to be $300 – $350.

So, think about this you need to give them an answer to their question and they pay you around $300.

Don’t worry about it because of around 70% of companies run their survey and can go for it.

You can search on google for online surveys. And can easily find the best companies. So, you have an opportunity then go for it.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Are you popular on social media or you have a lot of followers or friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?

Then listen if you have a lot of them, then you can earn money from it. You can earn money from your friends or followers.

It’s not so tough, but also remember it not so hard. But before I want to give you a little bit information about affiliate. Because you will have an idea.

Affiliate marketing is a collaboration with online companies in which you will need to help them in the sell of their product or services.

Yes, If you help them to sell their product. Then they give you a particular commission for every that product or service that you will help to sell.

Too many online marketers say that If you want to do affiliate marketing then you must have a website to do this.

But according to me, there is no need to have a website. Because I also earned money from affiliate marketing without a website with the help of social media.

If I can do then why you not? you can also earn money by affiliate marketing.

But the question is arises where you can do it. So, don’t worry too many sites is available on the internet In which have affiliate program like Amazon 

Amazon is an e-commerce website where people can buy products. But If you want to do affiliate marketing with Amazon then you will help Amazon to sell their product.

Go and signup for Amazon associate and they providing you referral link of their product. You only need to share that link. And If anyone buys a product with the help of your link which you share in social media then amazon give the commission.

Not only Amazon too many companies are available which provide you their affiliate program.

So, why are you wasting your time? go for it and start your employment with affiliate marketing.

#4. Freelancing

Have you a talent  And you don’t have the way to show it or don’t have a way to earn from it. So, don’t worry Because now you have an opportunity to show it and earn from it with freelancing.

Yes, you can earn money online from freelancing in which you can earn money with the help of selling your services in which you are perfect to do.

So, what to do now, no too much stress there. Because many sites are available on which you can sell your services. But the most popular site is ‘Fiverr’.

I recommend you to start your freelancing services on Fiverr.

Example – If you have technology talent in which you can easily develop the mobile application. Then you sell your service in which you can develop apps of your customers and instead they pay you according to your prices. Think about it If you sell your service started at $50 in which you develop customers application then you can earn  $3000 – $4000 in a month.

So, why are you wasting your time to go for it? Start to sell your freelancing service with your talent in which you are perfect. I recommend you to start your services on Fiverr.

#5. Event blogging

Event blogging is a term in which you can earn money in any event or festival with the help of blogging.

Now you start thinking about how can we earn money by festivals its crazy. But nowadays days it is possible to earn money by event blogging.

I think nowadays there is a craze of blogging and too many people have knowledge about it. And if you don’t know about blogging then you can know more from the link below.

Now we remain only event blogging to discuss. So, I can explain with the help of an example so let’s take a look at it.

Example – Do you know there is a festival in India named Diwali. And on that day public of India public Coherence in wishing to each other on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking sites. And they download wishing images and wishing poetries. So, if you start event blogging Diwali before 1 month and you publish wishing script on the entire website. Then in oncoming days, you will get a lot of traffic on it. And if you show the advertisement on every page of your event website then you can earn $1000 in the day.

So, this is the example of event blogging. But remember you can earn money till then the event is not over if the event is over then the event blogging also over.

And you can start Preparation for an upcoming event and you can also earn from it. But remember event blogging is a limited time way to earn money with a particular event in a year.

So, it is also an opportunity to earn money online with event or festivals. So, don’t waste your time and start your event blogging for upcoming events.

And I recommend you to start it from blogger which is free to use and also the best platform to start.

#6. Sell digital products.

If you are a developer or you have knowledge of developing application then you can sell your application at unlimited times.

Even if you have not the knowledge of codings then you also can sell your digital product. I can explain to you that how you can do it? but before you need to understand that what is digital products?

So, the digital product is that type of products which you will need to develop them yourself at once. But you can sell it for unlimited times. It means you need to do hard work on it at once. But you can earn money at unlimited times.

So, I hope you understand, then If you are a writer or have knowledge in any field then you can make a course as an ebook on that topic in which you have a lot of knowledge. And you can sell your ebooks at unlimited times with the help of your website.

Example – If you make a course yourself of ethical hacking as an ebook. Then you can sell on your website at your prices and visitors download your ebooks and pay you. So, you can earn from different visitors with one ebook.

So, don’t waste your time earn from it make your digital products today yourself and sell it. But remember you must have a website to sell your products.

And if you want to create a website free then you can start from blogger which free and fully secure.

you don’t need to set a payment gateway you can get paid with PayPal payment link which you can on your website for direct payments.

So, go for it and sell your product on your websites.

#7. Youtube channel

Youtube is a Google product which pays 100%. Too many channels are available on youtube and owner of channels are also earn from their channels.

If you start your youtube channel. But if it grows at once then you can earn too much money and you can satisfy by youtube money. And youtube is also the platform where you can earn money online without paying anything

Now the question arises that how to earn money online without paying anything from youtube. So, you do not need to invest to create a channel it’s free.

You need to select your niche to create a youtube channel once you are ready then you can start and if you want to grow your channel fast then you need to upload the youtube videos regularly day by day and share your video on social media. it helps you to grow your channel.

After that, you can earn money from your youtube videos by placing advertisements on your videos. And really it generates a lot of money for your employment. 

So, don’t waste your time and go for it and create your youtube channel and start uploading videos and earn money.


So, today I discuss top ways where you can earn money online without investment. Too many peoples search for how to earn money online without paying anything. That’s why I think about that and write this article for my visitors.

So, I give you seven ways to earn money online I recommend you to try these ways at once. It can be helpful for you. First, you try these ways then the result will be positive.

If you don’t know anything do not have knowledge in any field then the online surveys are best for you because the online survey helps you to earn money without too much stress. 

You only need to give the suggested answers to their question. And they pay you for each and every survey. 

So, don’t waste your time and go for it. And remember if you are a student then website’s author is the best way for the student to earn money. Because writing is the best way to improving their typing skills And thinking.

So, If you like this article then share this article to your friends. So that they will also have knowledge about online employment.

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