How to earn money online with google? – Top 5 ways

Do you ever search for online jobs? In which you can know about how to earn money online with google. Perhaps you have always been looking for simple jobs. 

If you wanna earn money online with latest time period then you navigated the right place.

As you know that there are too many people who need to do hard work at the last movement of their 20 years as they have to join employment and in which they get only $700 to  $800 per month which is enough for a middle-class life but is not enough for living a luxury life.

So, In this article, I will be going to discuss best the employment of Google from which you can able to earn a living like a luxury life. So, Let’s begin.

As you know that I will be going to tell you about to earn money with google. But first, I should give you all the information about Google as you can know about Google all about.

What is Google all about?

Usually, Google is a search engine that all people know. But on the large scale Google also an entrepreneur company which is earning billions of dollars in a day. But Google is not an individual company for its business as it connected to a lot of entrepreneurs In which Google pay them for their work to growing Google’s business.

Google has too many digital products on google play store even google play store its owns as google is earned a lot with its ability. Not only this as it also creates its Device products like its mobile phone and Google assistant etc.

So, Google is all about an entrepreneur company located in ‘South America’ which is earning money by too many ways.

As I told you before that Google pays to its helper who grows googles business. So also join the employment of Google In which you just need to do work for google and google pay you. 

Now, I will be going to give you Top five from which you can able to earn money online with google.

5 ways to earn money online with google.

1. Google AdSense

Basic, Google AdSense is the service of Google in which Google pays those who will Drive google’s advertiser’s advertisements on his website.

Let’s take an example if you start up a company which you wanna grow it fast then you just need to promote it to grow it. And maybe that you will be run a campaign for the advertisement of your company. So, you will be taking help of google ads from which you can viral your ads on the internet. And Google AdSense help them to viral it by run the ads on the third party websites. 

So, if you have a website then you just need to sign on Google AdSense and run its advertisement on your website and in return Google Adsense pays you if your website generates clicks on ads through the visitors. 

You just need to approve your Google AdSense account which will be approved by your website reviewing by googles crawlers. They will be approved when your website will be a professional site. If you want to approve Google AdSense account then you just need to customize and update your website accordingly to Google AdSense policies.

Google AdSense shares: when anyone will click on any ads then the amount will be deducted from advertiser’s google ads account according to visitor’s time spent on the ad. then the amount which will be collected by the advertiser will be distributed in google and AdSense user in which Google shares will be 45% and Adsense users shares will be 55%. How great it is? 

So, go for it.

3. Sell Apps

If you are an application or software developer then you can sell your own apps through the google which you developed. 

Yes, it is true as there is google play store from where you can earn a lot of money through your application which you will publish of google play store.

There are two ways from which you can earn a lot of money through your own application with google play store.

First – you will need to develop an application and you can sale it on google play store and can generate a lot of money as you will be sold by google play store’s users.

Second – you will need to develop an application and also contains Google AdSense ads on it after that you will just need to publish it on google play store in free of course because every person will be able to download it. And you will get more click on your Google AdSense account and can earn more money.

let us take an example if you publish your own application on google play store for free in which you contain ads on it. Then the revenue will be generated by Google AdSense. you will start getting clicks by the users of your application. Or if you will start selling your application then you have will paid by a user at once only whereas if you contain ads on your application then you will be paid a lot of time by a user.

So, you should also try this.

3. Sell books

You can also sell your own books on Google Play Store similarly like the previous topic about application selling.

If you are a professional writer then you can write ebooks yourself and can sell it on Google play store. 

If you don’t know on which topic we need to write a book and publish it. So don’t lose your hope as there are too many topics from which can write your books and can publish it on Google Play store.

You can write books like your courses, stories, historical books, etc.

There are many ways. But you only need to think about it with relaxation.

So, also try it.

4. Youtube Channel

Do you know that Youtube is also included in Google’s product? And the youtube is also operated by Google.

If you are also a youtube user then perhaps, one of you thought that why YouTubers want to increase subscribers or they want more like.

Because they have paid monthly by Google, Now you will start thinking that why google pay them and for what?

You ever noticed that if you ever watch a video then there is an ad play before the video. So, google pay those YouTubers who have to monetize their channel with Google AdSense.

Yes, there is also a concept of Google AdSense with youtube. Every channel on youtube which videos contain ads is monetized with AdSense.

So, If you also interested in youtube to earn money online with google then you can start a youtube channel for free with any cost.

You can achieve two things from youtube in which one is fame and second is the success of earn money.

So, If you will start a youtube channel then you need to approve an AdSense account for a particular channel to earn money online with google.

So, Google gives you an opportunity in which you just need to shoot videos according to your interest and in return, you will be paid by Google AdSense. 

Requirements for Google AdSense – if you want to approve your Google AdSense account then you must have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours watch times included all videos published on your channel.

So, go for it and try it at once.

5. Google Opinion Reward

Basically, Google Opinion Reward is an online survey application which is offered by Google.

Do you know what is an online survey? If you don’t know then let me explain certainly online surveys give you some question.

In which you don’t need to give the correct answer as they give you questions like Related to any goods & services, companies & industries, etc.

And you just need to give them an answer according to your suggestion only. And you will be paid by Google. 

If you don’t know about online surveys then you can read it from here.

So, it’s easy to earn money with google opinion reward because you will be paid by Google in return you need to give them the answer of a question by yourself that what’s in your mind about the answer of the question. 

So, it’s easy don’t lose your hope and try it by download the Google Opinion reward application.


So, In today’s article, I already gave you Five Ways from which you can able to earn money online with google. And all the platform or services I gave you today is offered by Google.

So, don’t worry be a Google user as Google is a trusted company that will give you 100% result as google connect with too many countries and till now there is no any problem faced by any country. 

Google is 20 years plus old company that grows by its hard work and honesty.

So, go with Google and grow your earning at a high level and be an employee of Google and earn money at home easily.

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