How to download paid apps for free

I know you always search for how to download paid apps for free. Not only you rather most of the people search this keyword.

But I’m a professional blogger and being a blogger it’s my duty to help you with this problem.

So, don’t worry about it because I will be going to give you some platform in which some are application and some are websites. In which you can download paid apps for free.

Before reading I have a request for you that you will see a bell button in the corner, you have to press on it and also have to tap on allow. So if you do it then let’s begin.

Before installing the apps from these websites you need to turn on unknown sources

Settings → Security → Unknown Source.

By following these steps you will see the unknown source and you will need to enable it. So, always enable it.

Top sites to download paid apps for free

#1. RevDL

RevDL is a professional application downloading website. In which you may find every game application which is paid and you need to play for free.

sometimes an application exists on the internet. But they can’t publish on google play store because of its technical issue. but those can be published on browser world.

So, this type of application also exists on the RevDL website.

The very good facility of RevDL is that it is providing a direct link to download an APK file for a better experience.

They are also providing application like crack version. In other words, they provide us the mod version of an application.

So, RevDL gives us an opportunity to download paid apps for free. And they also provide us their email for contact.

If you ever noticed that a single application does not exist on RevDL then you can contact them and suggest them to publishing the application.

But don’t worry because most of the application which exists on the google play store can found on the RevDL.


#2. APKPure

apkpure is a 2014 site which provides around all the application like games and simple application or other application that you want.

Don’t lose your hope. Because think about it that the site which is born in 2014. And according to today’s time period, it is a very old website then it gives you a much better experience.

I also check this website’s report. And I think it is a trusted website according to its report. Let’s take a look at its report.

I found that the website’s domain authority is 88 and its page authority is around 60 then think about this website. google has respect for apkpure.

This site is totally secure because of its spam rate, its spam rate is only 1% and we can ignore 1% of spam score. And the website also has an SSL certificate. that helps all the clients be safe.

The plus point of this website is that you can find all the versions of a particular application. Do you know nowadays almost 70% of applications have bugs in the latest version also? But if you found a better experience on the old version of an application then you can download your likely version with this website.

So’ go for this website and download paid apps for free from apkpure.



Up to down is a 2003 website which provides all the application. But not only applications, Because it also providing you window software.

And not only this, but the site also provides us mac softwares and an iPhone application. So, it proves that the website gives you a  much better experience.

This website trusted according to google because its domain authority is around 91 and page authority is  40. And Do you the domain authority of each and every website is decided by Google. Then Google has respect for UP TO DOWN.

This website giving you an opportunity to download mac and iPhone applications. Do you know how people face how many problems for download iPhone’s applications? Because iPhone application, not more exist on the internet. But if you are an iPhone user then this website is very useful to download paid apps for free manually.

the plus point of this website is that its spam score is not more than 1%. So you should go on this website and also try its product. Because you will have a little bit of knowledge about this website.

So’ don’t waste your time and go for this website and you try to use this website.


#4. APKMirror

Apk mirror is the 2014 website which provides you almost all then android application. which helps you to download paid apps for free.

The website provides to safe link with the direct download link. when you will download anything then the website analyses the link before download. Because it checks the secure network for the client so that the user will not have any problem in the case of security.

The website provides almost all the applications for its users. when we discuss its safety, then its domain and page authority is 84 and 61. So, this website can prove good for you.

And don’t lose your hope because the website has a lot of security as I have already told you that the website analyses link for security. And not only this, it has also an SSL certificate to drive the users safely without losing any personal information.

So, you should go on this website to find the apps that you want. And also try to use its products.


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Top application stores to download paid apps for free.

So, I give you four websites and also provide four application store. There are four application store for download paid apps for free.

Don’t worry about it because I personally use these top four application store for using paid apps for free. And yes they good by my experience.

#1. Aptoide

The aptoide is a wonderful application store to download paid apps for free. By my experience the very good because its interface is very good and understandable control.

The application provides you all the version of a particular application for a better experience. And only this, the app is also providing the crack apk. But not of all the applications, only for some applications.

when we discuss its rating, the user gives this application rating of  4.4 stars. So, their rating is very good.

And don’t for its requirement because according to today almost everyone has a mobile with more than Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) version. Yes, its requirement is only for android version will be more than Android 4.0.3.

So, go with this application. Because it is a very good application and a very attractive interface like google play store.


#2. Appvn

Now the next application store is appvn. I am using the application ‘APPVN’ for a very long time. I like this application so much.

But, Remember if you download an application from this application store then you need to signup on this application.

But don’t worry it is a very good and much secure application. Your personal information will be secure on this application because I have used this application from a very long time period but I have not faced any problem so far.

So, go for this application and download paid apps for free safely.


#3. Mobo Market

Now the next application is Mobo Market which is a very popular application. And I am using this application for a very long time.

When I was very little guys then I have seen the mobile Phone first time. The google play store existed on the mobile. But it was disabled, But an application store was downloaded on the mobile named MoboMarket. So, I only used the mobo market and I use it for a long time.

And by my experience, I have not faced any problem with this application yet from my childhood.

And I am maximum use this application because I love it. It can prove a better application also for you.

 So, Without wasting your time, go and download the application from the link below.


#4. Black Mart

So, the next application store is black mart. it is also google application.

The black Mart application very famous application, I don’t why? But, every Blogger and Youtuber suggest this application store.

But, nowadays I am using this application and this application has all the paid application for free like GTA games and other games.

Each and every application you can find on Black mart application.

We can say that it is the second google play store which has a storage application.

So, like this application, if you want to use it then download this application from the given link below.


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So, today I give you four website and application store in which you can download paid apps for free.

I know in today’s time period every people need totally free thinks and I can understand the feeling of the client. Because I am also a client.

only 20-30% of the client can afford the money for a particular application. But not all of you,

But, the remaining 70-80% of the client can not afford the budget of an application.

So, that’s why I give you these platforms for a better experience for you.

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If you start to use these platform then comment and tell us which platform do you most link in the above.

So, Guys if you like this article then share it to your friend and tell them for these top platform. So that they will also have a way to download paid apps for free.

Have a nice day.

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