How to add an admin to a facebook page?

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How to add an admin to a Facebook page?

Here are some steps Which you need to do to add an admin to a Facebook page. So, let us start the process.

  • Firstly login to your facebook account and Choose your page from sidebar In which you want to add an admin.
  • Your page appears on the screen after loading. 
  • You can see that an option will appear on the right corner that is “Setting”.

  • Now you need to tap on it and navigate a new page.
  • You can see there are too many options on the list. You need to tap on “Page Roles“.

  • Now a fresh page will be open. You see in the image and it. You need to type the name who you want to promote as an admin. And there are too many page roles like Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst. But you need to select Admin.

  • After doing this process, Scroll down and tap on save.
  • Now an Admin is created and ready to handle the page.


How to remove an admin or other roles.

  • You need to go to setting appears at the right corner.
  • Now tap on “Page Roles” And Scroll down. If you already add page roles then it appears on the screen.
  • Now tap on it who you want to remove and Tap on remove. 
  • Now the role is removed.

Different work for different page roles.

There are five types of page roles and every role have their different work.

Admin – Admin is one of that role which has full of control for their page. In other words, we can say that the admin is an owner of the page.

Editor – Editor is also a big role after admin because the editor has too many permissions like edit page and add apps, Create or delete posts as the page, delete anyone comment, send a message as the page or more. But it has no permission for Manage the page settings.

Moderator – It has also too many permissions like view insight, sens message as the page, delete comments of anyone and much more. But, it has no permissions for manage page settings, edit the page and add apps and create and delete the post as the page.

Advertiser – Advertiser is not a big role it has only three permissions that are creating ads, view insight, can see who post as the page. And no more permissions it has.

Analyst – Analyst is a very small role of the page Because it has only two permissions that is view insight, can see who post as the page. 

So, these are five-page roles that are must Necessary to have in the page.

Benefits to add an admin to a Facebook page.

There are too many benefits to add an admin to a Facebook page.

  • If your group is big and if you add some to your page it will too easy to handle the page.
  • In the case of two admin are exist on the page, if you are offline for any reason then one can be online to handle the page.
  • If you are individual as an admin then you can’t take your decision by your mind. In some case, it harms your page. But if you are multi admins then you can take the decision after taking advice from each other.
  • If you are only the admin on the page and In the case of you accidentally delete yourself from your own group. it’s live on Facebook. But you can’t operate it. But if you are multi-admin and In case you delete yourself from the page then you can repromote yourself from From other admin of the page.

So, these are some Benefits to have more than one admin to your page.


So, In today’s Tutorial, I show you how to an admin to a Facebook page.

Along with this, As I have also told you that why you to need to add an admin to a Facebook page. So, also focus on that point. And always promote only those people who deserve it. 

In other words, always promote that guy on who you have full trust.

And I also give you the information about all the page roles. So, also focus it and choose your trust person and give them the roles according to their qualities.

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Hope, it proves as a helpful article.


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