What is event blogging? How to do event blogging?

event blogging
Gaurav Saini
Written by Gaurav Saini

Nowaday there is a new trent viral that name is event blogging. I know you are thing about that what is this event blogging? And why people do event blogging? And what can we get from event blogging.

So, Welcome guys to Social Learning today i am back with a fresh content. And i will tell you about event blogging.

I will also discuss about its benifits and what we need to do to start event blogging. So, without waste the time Let’s take a look on reading.

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What is Event Blogging ?

it is short time blogging And is maybe different from original blogging. It is the way to earn lot of money.

In earlier times people used to celebrate the festival with heart and and every time people used to greet each other.

But,  Nowaday there is new time period and new trend. And our technology is growing upwards.

So, everyone have mobile phones and other device and here is done every work online, therefore people is celebrate festivals online. And also wish each other only on online.

There is a trend of event blogging. You will always noticed that on every festivals people wish each other by downloading wish images. So, thing about that how much website owners earn from those website in which from people download the images.

At the time of a festival like Diwali, there are million of keyword of happy diwali images will be searched on internet.

If you buy a domain name related to a festival, But if your domain will be ranked before the festival than your site get lot of visitors and you can earn the money by internet.

Remember, You can do event blogging untill the festival will not end. If the festival is finished then the event blogging is also finished. But, you can do Preparation for next festival to do next event blogging. Than after finishing the festival you can do preparation for other next festival to do other next event blogging.

Short defination of event blogging – event blogging is a way to earn money through the festivals.

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Benifits of Event Blogging.

  • You can earn lot of money from google adsense. Because lot of visitors drive on your festival blog.
  • You can earn a lot of monney in short time period. Because limitation of a particular festival.
  • You Don’t need to do SEO for event blogging. Because you will be buy a domain name with the keyword which is search in future.
  • Its biggest benifit is that event blogging viral faster on social media because everyone need images and poetry for wish each other.
  • You do not need to build the site on expensive platform like wordpress. Because you can start it from blogger and blogger is best platform for start event blogging.
  • No need to do hardwork. You only need to create some dofollow backlinks for rank at first position and first page.
  • No need to update eveny time because it is event blogging, Not original blogging. In other word you don’t need to write post everytime like original blogging.

Requirements to start event blogging.

  • You must have an approved adsense account of other your original website or you need to buy. Because Google AdSense never give you approval on a event site
  • You need to Buy a custom domain name relates to your Nearest festival.
  • Need to build a blog on blogger with your custom domain.
  • And very important point is your niche. it is because there are millions of different keyword will be searched.

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Three most used niche For Event blogging.

So, Here is three niche which bloggers mostly use.

Festival wishing images :-

There is most of bloggers always start festival wishing images. In this niche you need to post the images related to which festival you will work for.

And in this niche you can earn more from Google AdSense. Because when the people going to download the images than they can’t to identify images in advertisements.

festival poetry :-

On every festival there are some bloggers who start the event blogging with poetry niche. They only post poetry on the blog.

And when the people going to find poetry about their festival than need to copy the poetry. But, sometimes they click on advertisement by mistake.

Wishing Script :-

The wishing script niche is also popular way to start event blogging. In this niche bloggers need to design a wishing festival page by HTML and CSS.

And now a day this trend is most polular and only this niche viral fastly on social media. People need to click on the link which his friend send him, And after loading a homepage wishing him from his name.

you can also start with this niche. If you have some knowledge about HTML and CSS.


So, today I discussed about event blogging. i told you about What is event blogging in brief, its benifits ,its requirement and its niche.

So, you can start event blogging from selecting the niche above. But i advised to to start with festival images wishing. because it help you to ean more. But remember the images you will on your blog should be you own.

So if you’re thinking of starting event blogging then don’t waste your time. I know that your device have Youtube, if you have than search and learn in brief.

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