5 websites to earn money online by writing articles

Hey! are you a writer or a student then you have an opportunity to earn money online by writing articles. Just read this article essentially as you can learn it from here.

Don’t lose your hope as here in this post you can find stuff from which you can earn money online.

No matter what are you whether you are a student, an individual, a handicap. You just should have to write skills for computer because you need to write articles online.

Apart from also a thing that you need to spend the time on it. As more as you will spend the time on it then will get many earnings.

Earn money online by writing articles

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Here some websites are given from which you can make money online by writing articles. so take a look on these websites.

1. Paid for articles

Paidforarticles.com_website_interface, make money online by writing articles

It is a content website on which you can write an article and as more, you will write than can get many earnings.

According to my research, the website has a lot of traffic which is also fully monetized by Google AdSense and all the earning generating on ‘paid for articles’ by Google AdSense. So whenever writing will be published then an amount of some percentage wich earned by the ads will be paid to the owner of that article.

There is five payment method in it which help you to withdraw your earnings in your accounts through Paytm, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin.

I suggest you select PayPal as it is a worldwide payment source which can impose you to paid from country to another country. While Paytm not supporting to transaction from country to another country.

2. List Verse

This is the second websites in our list which have a lot of traffic. “List Verse” is a 2007 website which is a very famous website on every search engines. it offers us to earn money through the articles which will be written by ownself.

“List Verse” required listing articles of 10 ten things of anythings. Example:- ‘Top 10 biggest countries in our world’

If you will write listing articles then make sure every section or topic of your listing consists of 300 words. it means you need to insert around 3000 words in your every article.

Apart from If the article will be an approved then you will get $100 for each article.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

3. The penny hoarder


It is also a general website like a list verse. The Penny Hoarder also a great website to earn money online through your own articles as a freelancer.

this website has situation vacant for freelancer writers who should already have the experience of being a writer.

when will you sign up for it then you need to send at least three past articles for review which were written by you on another platform.

As soon as you will be approved on this website then you will able to publish an article on that website.

And you will get paid around $100 for each article will be published on those websites by you. 

It has also the same payment method which is PayPal.

4. iWriter


iWriter very popular website which sells the content in its different price plan. Apart from you can also able to be a writer on this website as a freelancer.

iWriter offer you to earn money with it through your self-written articles. In return, you can earn around $80 for each 500 words article.

You can create your own client base in it in which will get the orders of articles to write & sell them in around $80+ accounting to words.

When it comes to payment then it offers you to withdraw your money through PayPal which is a worldwide transaction platform.

5. Fiverr


As you know that Fiverr is a freelancing website on which anyone can become a freelancer in any category.

So you can also start your service of content marking if you wanna write & sell the articles.

You just need to sign up as a seller and will need to fill your personal details. Apart from you will need to design your store profile like its appearance.

After that, you have to design three plans for your services which helps the clients to recognize your prices and features.

You can able to get paid through PayPaFiverrl, credit, debit or another payment method.

Read more about how to earn money through Fiverr


So these are the 5 websites to earn money online by writing articles on it. 

But I suggest you start your journey on Fiverr and listverse because these are trusted websites and also my preference.

Apart from fiver has different methods of payments. it has also a lot of traffic so you can get more orders to sell your articles.

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