What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS

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In this article i will tell you the infomation about http and https and i will also tell you about what is the difference between http and https. So, now let’s take a look.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Whenever you visit any website on your browser then you might have noticed that before www there is either HTTP. And you might have noticed that some websites also have HTTPS.

Now the question arises that what are these both. And what role they play in a website. so, First we take a look on HTTP.

What is HTTP ?

HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol. This is an ancient protocol.
In other words accually, internet server can run only with the help of HTTP,  Its URL start something like this “http://” and it is considered as an unsecured protocol.
This protocol has a low security conditions. It was made to share the data to the server and get the information from a server only.

What is HTTPS ?

The full form of HTTPS is Hypertext transfer protocol secured. This is a modern protocol which has the same operation to transfer data on the internet. This is the upgraded version of HTTP.

The security procedure is at its peak level in this type of protocol so that’s why this is referred to as a secured protocol.

The websites which are using this protocol their link or URL starts like this “https://” and encryption are present in this protocol.

If you might noticed that HTTPS must exist with the website like facebook, instagram and other social media website.

if you are on a website which are using “https” , Then your personal data will secure on that servers.

What is SSL Certificate ?

Very few people will know this that What is SSL Certificate? so, let take a look on this.

SSL Certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. It is a certificate that use for HTTPS. Almost 90% use this certificate for encrypting their servers.

In other words the website which have SSL Certidicate are always secure website. Because the SSL cerficate convert HTTP into HTTPS. And https is always a secure protocol.

SSL certificate is not a free certificate because we have to buy it. Any website that only have HTTP is required to buy SSL certificate. Because of ranking or rejecting by search engines.

In other words, The search engines like google, Bing, yaaho are prefer SSL Certificate, the website which is without SSL certificate, The search engine never never them.

There are four types of SSL Certificates :-

  • Normal SSL
  • Positive SSL
  • Positive SSL Wildcards

it comes with different price. so, If you are a blogger or you have website then you should must buy the SSL certificate.

Benifits for using HTTPS for Bloggers.

  • There are some benifits for using HTTPS on the site for Blogger.
  • if you use HTTPS then search engines prefer your website and they increase the site rank.
  • it is increase your daily visitors, because clients don’t like http nowaday for the reason of hackers hack their personal data. so, They also do not wait on your site for a second.
  • your client never signup or registered on your  website. because of their personal passwords and email or any other information.

What is Difference between HTTP and HTTPS ?

their are some basic defference between HTTP and HTTPS.

  • The HTTP always start like this “http://” and HTTPS Always start like this “https://”
  • HTTP is a unsecure or unsafe protocol and HTTPS is a fully secured protocol
  • The HTTP always work for application layer but, HTTPS work for tranport layer
  • HTTP is Free for oparating any website but HTTPS is not free for operating the site
  • there is no requirement to insert HTTP in website, but the SSL certificate is require to insert HTTPS in the website.
  • HTTP uses the port number 80, But HTTPS need to use port number 443.
  • There is a lock sign before protocal for identifying HTTPS and there is a no any sign to indentifying HTTP.

difference between http and https


So, Today I have talked about HTTP and HTTPS. i also talked about diffence between HTTP and HTTPS.

Now the Question is rises that which protocol is best and which very profitable for a blogger and a client.

HTTP is a protocol which is not secured, but HTTPS is a secure protocol so, you will always use HTTPS protocol.

And Users should never sign up or register on the HTTP protocol sites. Because they are unsecured websites. By this your personal data can leak by the hackers. so, always drive on HTTPS protocol sites bymy experience.

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This article is written by bhupender saini.


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