Data entry jobs online from home without investment

Now leave roaming for jobs as there are some websites. From which you can get data entry jobs online from home without investment and free to join though.

I will give you top websites to do data entry jobs online from home without investment. But before it, I just need to explain to you that what is data entry jobs. Because employs need jobs in any field whether it is just security guard jobs.

So, some of the employees don’t know about data entry jobs so that I just wanna explain it.

What is data entry jobs?

On a simple scale, Online Data Entry jobs are just like an employer will give you some data and you just need to submit the same data before a limited time period.

But on the large scale, it is a job in which employer give you a job for their given time in the only hour for example employers of a company gives you too much data and you need to submit the same data in according to their short time period and believe that they give us too much data which is perhaps impossible to submit frequently.

So, simply you will get some data from an employer of the company and you just copy & paste it submit frequently in their fix given time or else they will cut your commission of incomplete work which you do not do in their give time and you will be get paid of the only work you did.

I hope you understand my way of explanation.

top 5 Data Entry jobs  

1. Copy & paste jobs

You know this job is a very popular job in which you will have some data which you will need to copy from excel file and paste it to other excel file so that it is a simple job.

But a condition you should have for this job that is you totally expert in English from which you can easily read English in this job.

2. Image to text jobs

This job is too simple as you will have an image consist of text and from which you need to type the same text on a word document as it appears clearly compare to the image.

So, also try this job as you can generate satisfaction monthly income from this job

3. Captcha jobs

As you know you captcha is a protection automatic software which stops robots or automatic software or hackers to enter in trusted websites.

So In this job, you will have a software in which you need to type image text and you can earn a lot of money from this job around $400-$500.

So, try this job at once.

4. Content Writer jobs

As you know bloggers who need to write contents on their websites from which you can able to earn money online with an ad network, affiliate, etc.

If you want to earn a lot of money then you can become a content writer in which you will need to write an article and send it to website publishers in return you will get money.

So also try this job otherwise take a look at the last job below.

5. Formatting jobs

In this job you just need to do format a word document. But, don’t join these type of jobs if you don’t know to operate software like MS word.

As it is very hard to format a document.

So, be a professional MS word operator. or else you know to operate the software like MS word then definitely join this job as it will give you profit which will satisfy it.

Top 5 website for online data entry jobs from home.

So, you can see below here I given you some website from where you can get too many online data entry jobs with investment from different entrepreneur or employers and can earn money online.

1. Freelancer

This website is a valuable or trusted site as a freelancer is private limited website and around 33,200,000 users are connected with it.

In this website, you just need to create your freelancer account and you will just need to become a data entry employ then you will start getting small data entry jobs in which you will get paid from them who give you jobs.

Freelancer is the world’s largest crowdsourcing market place website which journey is too long and as I told you too many users are connected with Freelancer website so that it proves freelancer is trusted website.

If you don’t like browsing and you don’t have a computer or laptop or desktop device then don’t worry as there is an application of freelancer on Google Play Store.

So, try this website or you can review more sites below.

2. Fiverr

So, Fiverr is almost same with freelancer but there are too many differences even still Fiverr is so much popular in freelancing services.

Fiverr is also the most popular platform from you can do find too many data entry jobs.

But you just need to create your Fiverr account and also need to create your GIG from which you can able to get data entry jobs from the different entrepreneur.

If you don’t know how to use Fiverr and how to create a Fiverr account and its GIG. Then you need to read this article for full information of Fiverr.

Fiverr is an international limited website which is balanced from too many years and it gives us an opportunity to become an entrepreneur as we also can start a business on Fiverr.

So, you should also check out Fiverr. or else read more below.

3. Up Work

Up Work’s journey is awesome because up work grow itself in only some years as it born in 2015.

And I also analyze this website and its review is so much awesome because this website is trusted by 5 million businesses and they also get their result on Up Work.

Too many companies collaborated with it such as Microsoft, General Electric, Coty, Airbnb, Automattic, etc.

Whenever you will be going on ‘Up Work’ then it shows your four plans to start your journey on it. But don’t lose your hope as they also give you a free plan though, from where you can start your work and start getting jobs.

So, this website is also a quality website you should check out it otherwise to look more.

4. Flex Jobs

This website is also in our count list as this website is trusted too.

Flex Jobs is a 2007 website which is a very simple website on that time period. But today if you analyze this website then you astonished as the website connecting 1000+ daily hopefully.

I recommend you, Flex Jobs, as it collaborated with many companies and their reviews is awesome about this website.

They do not charge a hidden fee. You can do data entry jobs online free to join from here.

You also start your journey on Pay Per Hour like Fiverr, Freelancer and Up Work as this is also a trusted website.

If you join this website then you will start gettings more data entry projects without investment from home.

5. People Per Hour

This website is also counted in our list as this website is totally similar to pay per hour. Probably, this website is also operated by the company who operates Pay Per Hour.

So, Also try this website as I noticed its review, it contains awesome reviews by users.

You find similar values of users of pay per hour on this website.

Try this or else try these four above.

Why people do not like to do online data entry jobs?

I give you some websites above from where you will start getting data entry jobs from home without investment.

But still people don’t like these type of jobs but why? What happens with these?

So, many don’t like these types of jobs because if you will start roaming to find data entry jobs online on search engines then you will be seen around 1+ crores results after the search of a particular website. In which 90% of data entry will be found as fake that’ why people have a fear of losing their money on fake websites so that their money will never be lost.

So, this is the problem behind it. But don’t worry because in this article that I gave you some websites which are not fake and selected website to start your journey in data entry jobs to work from home without investment.

So, Don’t lose your hope and check out these websites above and be fearless about your money as these sites are best in which data entry jobs online free to join.


As I gave you top 5 websites above from where you can find too many data entry jobs online from home without investment. And I also give you the top 10 recommended jobs from where you can earn too much money.

These suggested jobs which I give you above is totally trusted as It suggested by the website ‘’.

So, Go for data entry jobs on these websites you can find your dream jobs here, just do it.

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