How to grow your youtube channel for beginners?

Youtube a platform where you can show your knowledge, talent, entertainment and much more. If you have youtube channel then read these tips which are about how to grow your youtube channel.

According to my research before 2017 there were too many peoples who were really don’t know about the platform youtube.

But coming around 2018 every internet users got to knew about to create a youtube channel. That’s why the competition increased in youtube due to which people Unable to grow a youtube channel as fast as.

So, in this article, YouTubers will be getting some help to grow their channels if they follow these tips.

Top tips to grow your youtube channel

How to grow your youtube channel

1. Content

Being a blogger + youtuber and with having a better experience I can really suggest you focus on your content.

Your content will be relevant and user-friendly which force users to watch the full video with their interest.

Don’t include rubbish things in your content as I saw some YouTubers who includes their mix veg content which users can’t attend with.

So, always include only those things in your content which a user want to watch exactly.

2. Thumbnail

Thumbnail is most important too to grow your youtube channel because it’s force user to click only on your video if your video has an attractive thumbnail.

Assume When anyone searching anything on youtube and by mistake and your video has been showing in the top 5 search results then your video gets more impressive.

But you will need to click on your video then thumbnail is the best thing which will help you to get more click on your video by users.

If your content is good but the thumbnail is rubbish then you will be getting fewer clicks than other videos.

So if you want more user watch your video then you need more click by users on your videos which can only able to possible through the thumbnail.

So, Also focus on your thumbnail so that more users attract on your videos through your video’s thumbnail.

3. Regularity

As you know that regularity is also a most important thing to do on your youtube channel.

If you don’t update your youtube channel then youtube will declare your channel useless and also decrease your rankings in the search result.

If you wanna grow your youtube channel ben upload regular videos twice in a day. Because this action will tell youtube that your channel is really want to share something to users.

4. Optimize Your Videos

You need to optimize your videos for youtube as well as other search engines. If you optimize your content then accepted youtube you can even get a lot of traffic from other search engines like Bing, Google, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.

For optimizing your videos you need to do keyword researching for your upcoming videos and you should use those keywords in the title of your video as well as video tags and description. By this action, the search engine can easily found your video when anyone will search anything with that keyword.

you can research keyword through ‘Ahrefs‘ which is a paid tool. it can help you to research the high volume keywords for youtube from which you can optimize your content for high searches.

5. Video Quality

Every user loves to watch the clean and clear video if the matter to watch educational videos though.

If the video quality is not so good or it is too bad then the user can’t pay attention to it and he/she can skip your video too.

So your video quality also matters if you want to become a successful Youtuber.

If you don’t have a camera then you can also shoot your videos with mobile but you need to give your best quality with which users will be paying attention to.

6. Audio Quality

In youtube videos, audio quality is much matter excepted video quality as I research on it that some YouTube users have no problem with video quality if the audio is good.

So always improve your audio in your every video as every user and easily react with.

Always record your audio in a quiet place or remove audio noise through audacity software or other software. It will help the users to easily hear your every youtube video. And perhaps some of the percent, it also help you to grow your youtube channel.

7. Video schedule

If your video is too long then users can’t able to watch a full video because everyone doesn’t have free time.

Most of the subscribers love to watch short but knowledgable videos in which users can able to found the information in a short time.

So, you need to try the best in which you need to compress most of the information in a short time video on a particular topic.

8. trust

It is the most important thing as if the user will be trusted on you then you can also earn fame in the right way.

If you make fool of your subscribers through your fake videos then it can cause your channel ranking will be down as users never trust on you and unsubscribe your channel though as well as they will make a roast on you and instead of fame they can disgrace of you on social media. by this, your youtube journey can be stopped anytime.


So, these are the best tips to grow your youtube channel as you can get the success fast as soon as will be possible if you will follow these tips.

But the most important thing is content, Always work more on your content because content is the king as it will increase the trust for your subscibers which will help you to grow your youtube channel.

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