Best DSLR Settings for taking Cinematic photos

Do you have a DSLR camera and don’t you know to take more relevant photos. So the article stands for some basic things about the best DSLR setting for taking cinematic pictures.

DSLR is a professional camera for a photographer in which they can use every option or features which a user wants in.

But some user doesn’t know to operate a DSLR camera perfectly. So hopefully this article can help you to learn about taking more cinematic pictures.

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Best DSLR settings for photographers 

basic thing of dslr (best dslr setting for photographers)

take a Look at these things and set up your settings according to the article during taking photos. And always use Manual Mode for photography.

1. Shutter Speed for day time

The shutter is the most important thing for taking a clear photo as only shutter speed decide to take clear or blur photos according to the scene activity. Your Shutter speed will be 1/200 or above

actually, Shutter speed is to decide the speed of the click photo in how many seconds or milliseconds. If you keep your camera shutter speed low then you get the photos to blur in case of high activity in the scene like running, traveling, traffic or more.

Just look at this image and you will understand the quality of photos when the condition of shutter speed will be low or high.

 shutter speed settings

As you can see in the image above that in low shutter speed image become a blur and in high shutter speed, the image becomes clear. So as I told you that with the help of shutter we can control and capture every second’s frame in the image during high activity.

keep your shutter speed high around 1/200 or above if you want to capture clear images in the day time.

2. Aperture

Aperture is that thing which gives an image a good look with background blur effect. You can increase or decrease your camera background blur with the help of aperture. Keep your aperture value low

But in some case, background Blur is also depended on Lens that which size of lens you wanna use with your DSLR Camera as every lens has different aperture value. 

If the aperture is low as low then you image background will be blur more and If the aperture is high then you image background will not be a blur. So keep you aperture value as low as.

If you are a photographer then you will need to buy a 50mm lens which has a very low aperture value should be 1.8 which will give you the image more cinematic with more background blur effect.

Look at this image as it shows the concept of aperture.

 aperture setting

This image shows that if aperture will be at the low value then the background will be blur more and if aperture will be at the high value then it can not blur it as you can see in the image above.

So, try to decrease your aperture value for blur effect during capturing photos.

3. Adjust ISO 

ISO is a very important thing during capturing awesome pictures as ISO deals with the lighting of the scene.

If you wanna capture photos in day time then you need to keep your ISO at 100 value because in the day time too much lighting already exists then there is no matter to increase ISO as it always needs to keep at a lower value.

 ISO setting

In this image, you can see that it is the DSLR capture DSLR pictures of two brothers with different ISO values. It shows that in day time if ISO at increased value then it gives us a very brightened image that lower value of ISO.

So if you want balanced light and colors in your DSLR pictures then you need to set you ISO value according to daylight.

4. White balance

The scene needs a natural view in the camera and the concept is about white balance settings which you can capture the same natural view in your picture and if you need cinematic pictures then it also deals with white balance setting.

If you still don’t understand about white balance then look at this photo.

 White Balance Settings

As you can see In this image there is two different picture of a dog face in which one is natural photo and another is affected with cinematic colors. The first picture much more natural than another picture.

So adjust your white balance according to your want that how you wanna capture your photos.

DSLR setting for night photography

Many photographers have a problem to capture pictures of the reason for low lighting and noise in view. So adjust your setting through these sets.

1. Adjust the lighting for night 

As I told you that only ISO have the full control of lighting and in the day time we need to keep the ISO low as on that time sunlight already exist so we don’t need more lights.

But in night time there will be no enough light exists so the camera has to increase ISO value at night time so that the picture will be looking clean & clear.

See the image, it gives an example that how’s picture will looking if you increase or decrease the ISO value in the night.

ISO settings for the night

According to this image, in low ISO picture will be captured Very dark and with no too much light. And in high ISO picture will be captured very brighten and clear view.

So keep your ISO value high during capturing a picture in the night time.

2. Reduce Noise for the night

whenever we need to capture some pictures in night time then there is a problem of noise in the image. And the question arises that how to reduce noise in the night time.

First of all, this is the concept of shutter speed and ISO. If there is a need to increase ISO then we need to reduce shutter speed as it also deals with lighting in which when ISO will be an increase then noise will also be increased if shutter speed set on the high value. If you adjust shutter speed according to ISO then it never creates noise in the picture and the pictures will be captured clearly.

So Keep your shutter speed low if ISO set on the high value in the night time.

Example – If you ISO set on 1600 in the night then your shutter speed should be 1/40.

So, these are the best DSLR setting for photographers.

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